Our history

History of a love and a return to the origins

It all began with “SOR” Riccardo, as my beloved grandfather was called by his workers.

We were at the beginning of the twenties of the last century, when Sor Riccardo: an excellent hat maker who dressed the most important men around the world, began to build Villa Belvedere, as the first act towards his great love: agriculture.

Villa Belvedere still today represents the symbol of our history and shows itself to be the proud ruler of the Arno Valley. Its special location allows it to enjoy its own climate in symbiosis with our protector: the Pratomagno massif.

Here, Sor Riccardo bought lands and began to plant the first vineyards, with so much dedication and with the little knowledge of that time he managed to make his own wine; Unfortunately, without great results.

Then suddenly World War 2 came and wiped out almost everything.
Everything except Villa Belvedere which resisted bearing witness to an unconsummated love.

In the following years, unfortunately, Sor Riccardo passed away still too young and left the legacy to his two sons Bandino and Gherardo.
But times were hard and they were forced to seek their fortune far from their beloved Tuscany.

Gherardo, a Doctor of Agriculture left his family prematurely while Bandino, an established engineer worked successfully in Milan, but did not forget his childhood dream, that is to be able to return to Tuscany and be a farmer.

Finally, at the end of the 90s, in retirement, strong in his desire, he devoted himself completely to his dream and began to build the cellar, plant new vineyards and produce a fairly good quality wine, marketing it largely to friends and acquaintances.
So, thanks to a bit of improvisation and his immense passion, he managed to achieve his first small successes.

In the meantime, I was born in 1961 and my parents decided to give me my grandfather's name: Riccardo.
And maybe here, fate was already giving me the first signs.

I lived in Milan for over 40 years, I graduated in Agriculture, I specialized in oenology, I studied a bit of economics but I never set foot in Tuscany.

Then, fate intervened again when my father Bandino fell ill. Without any hesitation I decide to leave everything and move to Tuscany to help and be closer to my father.
And as happens in the most beautiful fairy tales, love is immediate and spontaneous: without any compromise.

I fall in love with everything that is our little corner of paradise and in this act, I manage to involve my father's soul and a strong bond was born between us, which is still today a fundamental part of the choices I made and those I will make.

Strengthened by all this, I decide to dedicate all my energies, my possessions and my passion in an attempt to do justice to a territory of breathtaking beauty.

From here comes Romignano, with its wines, its villas and its experiences.


Rediscover yourself through an intimate and true contact with nature

Our corner of paradise is set within a territory dominated by two great players; the Arno, a poetic river that flows in front of us, which tells us about its adventures and how it still today pierces the hearts of the greatest artists who observe it, and the Pratomagno, the monumental massif behind us, which defends and protects us from the summer droughts giving us cool refreshing evenings, admonishes us with the most intense cold when it is covered with snow and welcomes us when we seek peace in wild nature.

All of this is our territory or Terroir, to put it in French, full of excesses: angular, hard, sincere and forthright.
He doesn't admit compromises but if you learn to love him, you realize he has a huge heart, warm and deep. A sincere heart like a friend for life.

The wine, true ambassador of the territory, contains all of this: deep, warm, sincere, frank: a lifelong companion.


The history of our family

My father's great concern during his illness was the survival of his Romignano. I lived in Milan and my sister even further away.
My father's great concern during his illness was the survival of his Romignano. I lived in Milan and my sister even further away.
The logo comes from my desire to reassure my father about the continuation of our part of paradise.

The knight represents my father, the child who looks at him with admiration is me.
And in my turn, I hold the reins of a little knight who represent my children.

Seneca's Latin sentence contains the last conversation I had with my father:
“Videbis nihil in hoc mundo extingui” – See that nothing in the world ends.